Poetry Ruth



Ruth was published in “Seven Sisters”, February 1987
Copyright S.C Hill 1987, Patent S.C Hill 30th June 1991

New Work Poetry

New Work

New Work cover
Informal collection of work from 1993

New Work Poetry

Safe Sex

she’s dead,
dead good
in bed,
on her head;
in the air;
thru’ the hair,
envy her there.
find me often
dancing in her
wearing in her
bright new pair
of shoes.


About my poetry

The poetry collections on this web site represent the work during my most prolific period – through the late eighties and very early nineties. My pen ran dry around 1993, but that’s hardly surprising as it was around then that I had my first requited relationships: with people and with music. There was just no longer any need for pen and paper when I could chew the ears off my friends, and make new friends through dance.

I miss writing. Long before the web presented a new creative outlet, I was able to not only communicate but do so in a way that allowed me to design, engineer and produce. But as much as I miss writing, I prefer chewing the cud and laughing with my friends. Maybe one day if my friends stop listening, the pen and paper will be there for me.

New Work Poetry

Best Before End Of

I’ve this spinning top inside me
Spinning far too fast.
It sparks in all directions,
Each spark hits home a truth,
I can no longer handle,
And bearance is a memory.
Blinkered, blind and bottled,
Where is tomorrow when
There’s nothing inbetween,
No understanding, no wanting.
Too much is wrong but
My resistance is gone.
A breeding ground for more
Of less, self denying, self consuming.

New Work Poetry

Don’t Waste It On A Lover

your precious love –
take it out on friends and others.
reclaim what you wasted
and reapply
to friends and significant others.
there is no other.
no matter what guise,
under the influence
of fluid or gin,
no other like mother.
don’t waste it
on a lover.