“A little bit of something and a whole lot of nothing.”

The music of daHousewife must be heard to be believed. (Is that a good thing? Ed)

International superstar DJ, producer of electronic music and domestic technician, daHousewife is sought and can be found: here, there and everywhere (so beware). daHousewife has rubbed shoulders with the great, the good and the not-so good. (S)he has danced for techno goddess Mrs Wood, mused over Dido’s fledgling career with Faithless front man Rollo and exchanged postcards with Victoria Wood. The police have yet to track him down.

At his most polific, the music of daHousewife could be found in the record boxes of Pete Tong and Trade DJ Steve Thomas. These days, it can be found here. Enjoy!

Lockdown Kitchen 2020 – 90 minute set performed Summer 2020
Lockdown Kitchen 2020

Electric Lounge 2019 – four hour set performed Autumn 2019
Electric Lounge 2019

Bus Mix 2016 – mix tape released 28 July 2016
Bus Mix

Fully Loaded Mix 2014 – mix tape released 19 August 2014
Fully Loaded Mix

Holiday Mix 2014 – mix tape released 8 July 2014
Holiday Mix July 2014

Kitchen Mix 2013 – mix tape released 10 December 2013
Scott Hill's Kitchen Mix 2013

Music For Shopping – produced by daHousewife June 2013

Winter Mix 2012 – mix tape released 28 December 2012
Scott Hill's Winter Mix 2012

43 – album released 31 October 2012
dahousewife 43 cover

Birthday Mix – mix tape released 3 January 2012

U Got 2 Know – two track promotional release Easter 2002
Soundtrack – EP released Summer 2001
Soundtrack cover

Two Strawberry Blondes – EP released Summer 2000
Two Strawberry Blondes cover

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