Ultimate Housewife

Summer 2003 saw daHousewife draw a line in the sand and bring together a volume of work which spans nearly twenty years. Ultimate Housewife showcases some of daHousewife’s better known productions alongside some more obscure tracks from Scott Hill, some of which never made it beyond the demo stage. It’s a remarkable retrospective and charts the progression of daHousewife’s unique sound.

I Who Have Nothing 7″ vocal demo
I’ll Get You demo
I Who Have Nothing pain promo
Backwards demo
I Who Have Nothing PLF acid mix
Theme From You Boys
Sleepless Nights
I Who Have Nothing In The House
Reverse Charge
Fugitives Now
Giving It Up
Cinema Cinema
U Got 2 Know I’m Not Leaving Without U remix
U Got 2 Know I’m Not Leaving Without U part 2
Come Home With Me
Out On The Dancefloor
Out On The Dancefloor test mix

Mastered by daHousewife Summer 2003
Cover image by daHousewife.
Photography by Jonathan John.
MP3 optimisation and web site by Scott Hill.

The album is also available from DomesticBliss on CD, catalogue number db2010cd

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