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Being a teenager of the eighties, Scott was heavily influenced by pop artists and the worlds they created around them, often inspired enough to create his own music and visuals within the constraints of his bedroom. Cassette tapes, photo-copiers and borrowed cameras added to the home-made bedroom aesthetic, giving Scott his own domestic-born world.

The dance music and culture of the nineties were to be equally influential on Scott. Mix tapes flowed, with Scott hidden behind occasional monikers Children of God, The Hopeless Ho and Selina The Housewife. The dawning of digital tools led to the creation of the domesticbliss web site as an outlet for Scott’s creations, but the home-made aesthetic persisted and housework found new fuel in techno. Mix tapes were made on ironing boards while rats scaled the walls beneath bedroom windows.

Music and visuals took a back-seat as Scott channeled energies into his family at the turn of the century, but domesticbliss waited patiently and was eventually rewarded by a resurfacing of original music and visuals, fired by new stories and influences. All of that can be found here. Explore and enjoy.

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