The power of photography and still images was discovered by Scott Hill during the eighties through pop artists The Smiths and Pet Shop Boys, and the Pete Waterman Limited records. In particular, Scott found fascination in how a change of context could lift an image to iconographic status; how zooming away from a subject could breathe space into an image, lending itself the perfect cinematic accompaniment to music. This led Scott to plunder the family photographs and create home-made record cover artwork and covers for poetry collections. Other photographs made it into books to accompany exhibitions that never took place, and into spoof magazine articles. More recent photographs are presented here in their original beauty.

Firm Favourites


A selection of Scott’s firm favourite photographs of family and friends.

Stories March 2018


These images are copies of a book that Scott created in March 2018. The book collects some of Scott’s favourite family photographs. Each photograph in the collection has a story.

Elle Decoration 2002

Elle Decoration

This set of images is Scott’s tribute to the style and pretentiousness of Elle Decoration magazine in 2002

White Farm

Wild Cherry

Photographs documenting the history and seasons at White Farm in Barry.


Handbook for PBX Supervisors

Scott’s collection of artefacts from his days with BT can be seen in this set of images.


Vintage 1990s Stussy Baggy Cargo Pants

Photographs of clothing preserved from Scott’s 90s clubbing days.

Out Of Time

Mock-ups for Out Of Time singles.

Photographs of Scott’s mock-ups for band Out Of Time.

The View From Here

Toilet flush

One in two people will develop some form of cancer in their lifetime. These photographs present a view of this.

In And Of Canton


Images that explore what it might mean to be in and of Canton.