The music of Scott Hill was bedroom-born and rarely gets further than the kitchen. The kitchen is a suitable environment for the more recent eclectic mix tapes, particularly when washing dishes. The mix tapes made in the 90s are probably better listened to on headphones while walking around an abandoned industrial setting.

Scott’s original music has been described as “a little bit of something and a whole load of nothing,” which is unkind, as it’s heavily borrowed. The dance-floor aimed tracks produced around 2002 are recognisable, tried and tested, and sneaked their way into the record boxes of Pete Tong and Trade DJ Steve Thomas.

Music is the passion behind all of Scott’s creations, so unkind remarks don’t phase him. The very act of making music brings to life the music and achievement of others, regardless of genre. Scott’s musical heros include Victoria Wood (they exchanged post-cards), Frank Sidebottom (more post-cards), Pet Shop Boys (annual Christmas cards), John Peel (they chatted on the phone), Faithless founder Rollo (they exchanged numbers at the first Faithless gig) and Techno goddess Mrs Wood (they danced together at night-club Heaven). These are the original influencers, and their influences can be felt here.

Lighthouse Keith

Lighthouse Keith plays eclectic music exclusively for The Butterfly Collector micro-pub in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Lighthouse Keith

Eclectic Mixes

A series of annual eclectic mixes that Scott created between January 2012 and July 2016, bringing together music that ranges from the dark to the uplifting.

Scott Hill's Winter Mix 2012

Original Music

Albums and EPs of original music produced by Scott between 2000 and 2013

dahousewife 43 cover

90s Mix tapes

A carefully curated selection of the many mix tapes that Scott created during the 80s and 90s, journeying from rave to laid-back beats.