Original Music

During his two-years studying Computer Science at Cardiff University between 1999 and 2001, Scott Hill acquired a set of software for making music. Some of the software titles were industry-standard, others were simple drum-machines and classic synthesiser emulators. Digital music making had come a long way from the ZX Spectrum and Spec-Drum used by Scott to make his own music in the early 90s, and his inner-techno-artist was unleashed. EPs of dance-inspired music quickly followed.

Over a decade later and in the year of his forty-third birthday, Scott returned to original music production, this time courtesy of piano lessons, an iPad and the classic Roland MC303 Groove Box. The driver for his music this time was family life and a wider range of musical styles available via software. This became full-length album 43. The dance-inspired music still dominates but there is a heavy focus on piano tracks in the accompanying 43 Extras.

daHousewife – 43

dahousewife 43 cover
daHousewife 43 album cover

This album is the soundtrack to the year of Scott’s forty-third birthday. Much of it was produced under the influence of red wine, so listening to it brings as many surprises for Scott as it no doubt does for you. Enjoy those surprises.

Produced and programmed by daHousewife.
July to September 2012

Written by Scott Hill except Keep Your Wig On plotted from Girl VII by Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs, Wine Stain constructed around Need Your Passion by Reinhard Frantz and Lee Smith, I Did Not Know That includes a reduction of All Cried Out by Buddy Kaye and Philip Springer, Rainy Day written by Stephen Duro, I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten written by Clive Westlake.

Keep Your Wig On
Wine Stain
I Did Not Know That
Oh My!
Rainy Day
I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten
Boots N That
That’s All I Know
Closed Circuit

daHousewife – 43 Extras

Alternative takes, original demos and tracks that just didn’t make the final cut of album 43

Produced and programmed by daHousewife.
May to September 2012

I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten (Annealed)
That’s All I Know (Reality Show Treatment)
Oh My! (Demo)
Song Of The Pine Tree (Demo)
Gently Flowing (Demo)
Inquietude (Demo)
Violet (Original Version)
That’s All I Know (Demo)
Closed Circuit (Demo)

daHousewife – Music For Shopping

Two demos for an as-yet unreleased album of original dance music.

Produced by daHousewife.
June 2013

Music For Shopping 1
Music For Shopping 2

daHousewife – Soundtrack

Soundtrack cover

The Soundtrack EP from daHousewife is instant, addictive, new and fresh. Like most household products. This EP will grab you by both ears from the first track and take you on a thirty minute journey that is relentless in its rhythms. Prepare to dance.

Produced and mixed by daHousewife.
Summer 2001

Engineered by Scott Hill at Chilthorne House, Cardiff.
Written by daHousewife, except
U Got 2 Know I’m Not Leaving Without U written by Persona/Carpella/Bortolotti/Eyen/Kreiger/daHousewife.
Transmission includes sample from One Song Glory written by J.Larson.
Sleeve by Alma Weldon.

Giving It Up
Cinema Cinema
U Got 2 Know
Come Home With Me

daHousewife – U Got 2 Know – Two-track promotional EP

As Easter approaches, daHousewife has entered the seasonal spirit and resurrected an old favourite. Full marks if you can spot the classic beneath the driving tribal rhythm of U Got 2 Know I’m Not Leaving Without U.

Also included here is Out On The Dancefloor, a sublte, funky number to revive even the most jaded of dancefloors.

Produced and mixed by daHousewife.
Easter 2002

U Got 2 Know
Out On The Dancefloor

daHousewife – Two Strawberry Blondes

Two Strawberry Blondes cover

Two Strawberry Blondes is the first EP from DJ Selina DaHousewife. This work marks Selina’s entry into production. Teaming up with Scott Hill (hence the title), Selina has fused the funky club soundtrack that she is commonly known for, with the more classical pop sound that Scott produced for Domestic Bliss in the early 1990s.

Produced and engineered by Selina DaHousewife.
Summer 2000

Written By Scott Hill.
Sleepless Nights written by B & F Bryant/S.Hill Vocals by Scott Hill.
I Who Have Nothing written by Mogol, Donida, Leiber, Stoller. Produced by Davies & Bowler. Vocals and samples by Scott Hill.
Theme From You Boys vocals by Eve. Vocals recorded by Micky Manymoons.
Art directed by Alma Weldon at HouseWork.
Cover image concept by Liz White.

Theme From You Boys
Sleepless Nights
I Who Have Nothing In The House
Reverse Charge
Fugitives Now