Out Of Time

Paul Davies and Mark Bowler were Cardiff band Out Of Time for a while in the early nineties. Scott had the pleasure of producing some artwork and promotional material for them, including two short films.

Track Too

This is a live performance video for one of Out Of Time’s original songs. It was recorded in Paul’s Cardiff home in November 1991. Despite the intent to carry out post-production edits, some of the titles were inserted live during the recording. Paul, Mark and Scott had a right hoot playing with the titles, as can be seen from the finished product.

Mother Earth

This was made using a borrowed Super 8 home movie camera. It was all Scott could get hold of at the time and was a very different production experience to VHS video, with a lovely surreal feel to the finished product.


Not officially commissioned, and probably not known about by Out Of Time, Scott played with one of their studio out-takes and made this water-themed short.