I Who Have Nothing

This is an early version of a track that Scott later went on to record with friends and Cardiff band Out Of Time. It took three attempts to reach something they were all happy with (to be found on the Two Strawberry Blondes EP). The very first demo version was recorded on a Friday evening in July 1991 using a ZX Spectrum drum machine (the Spec-Drum), a Stylophone and a borrowed Casio keyboard; it was quite a depressing listen.

The version in this video is the Pain Promo. Close friend Paul Davies – one half of Out Of Time – had steered Scott into injecting some life into the track. Scott insisted on keeping the opening keyboard chords from the first version – compared at the time to a funeral march – but was secretly pleased when Faithless adopted a similar intro for one of their hits nearly a decade later.

Made one Saturday afternoon, alone in Scott’s Cardiff home, the video nicely reflects the theme of the song.