Viva 1988

The footage in these two short films is mainly from the first time Scott got his hands on a VHS camcorder in July 1988. The family had rented the camcorder for a whole weekend.

Scott didn’t stop recording, from the Saturday morning to the Sunday evening, constantly recharging the battery and subsequently filling eight hours of video tape. The planned Saturday and Sunday evenings with closest friend Liz were dominated by the camera.

The eight hours of footage was continually used and re-purposed over the next few years until Scott could generate new original material. In these two films, Scott has created his own visuals to accompany his favourite Morrissey tracks at the time. If you watch beyond the end of Alsatian Cousin, you’ll see a small section of a visual made to accompany a Pet Shop Boys track.

Alsatian Cousin

Every Day Is Like Sunday