White Farm

White Farm was home to Scott Hill and his family for eight years from the Winter of 2014. A move from the busily regenerating industrial Waterfront brought open space and room to grow, both inside and outside.

The site of the White Farm and nearby Church of St. Dyfan and St. Teilo are rich with history and biodiversity. White Farm was one of four farms in the immediate area, and the buildings of neighbouring farms remain even though the site of the White Farm buildings is now a play area.

You can see some of the history here.

Sun rise over White Farm

Parts of the church of St. Dyfan and St. Teilo have been dated to medieval times, yet it remains active today. The church is stood on the banks of the Coldbrook, close to its source. The fields surrounding the church and the Coldbrook have been the subject of periodic excavation since May 1967, gradually revealing evidence of the shrunken medieval village of Merthyr Dyfan. The Coldbrook is more recently the beneficiary of engineered flood controls.


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