90s Mix Tapes

Like his peers, Scott Hill created a continuous stream of mix tapes during the 80s and 90s. The earlier tapes covered pop, hiNRG dance and rave music. These mix tapes were made in Scott’s bedroom by copying tape-to-tape. As House music took hold and Scott took to the clubs of London, the mix tapes recorded music mixed live using decks and samplers, charting the lighter House to the hard-edged ‘cheese-grater’ sounds of London. By the time Scott was ready to leave London, he was stepping back from the harder sounds and venturing into the more laid-back beats being championed in some of the newer clubs-nights in Brixton as the 90s came to an end.

Not all of the mix tapes have accompanying track lists. Occasionally a lost track list turns up, discovered in studio notes amongst folders of artwork. Some of the tracks were hard to identify even at the time of the mix, being pressed on hand-written white labels with obscure titles or just catalogue numbers. The mix tapes with the more obscure tracks were the ones produced with Martin Pryce-Gill, for a period under the umbrella GHi. This is where the harder tracks can be found.


Resurrection CD Sleeve

A ninety-minute mix originally released on CD and gifted to friends in Cardiff for Easter in 2001 to showcase the best of trance and melodic hard dance from the late 90s

Produced and mixed by daHousewife.
Engineered by Scott Hill.
Easter 2001
With love and promotion.


Track List

Salt Tank – Eguina
Indoctrinate – Castle Trancelott (Way Out West Mix)
Way Out West – Domination
Tilt – I Dream
Blue Amazon – No Other Love
Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Three ‘N One Remix)
Jones & Stephenson – The First Rebirth (Baby Doc & The Dentist Remix)
Marmion – Schoneberg (The Man With No Name Remix)
Jens – Loops & Tings (Invisible Man Remix)
Vincent De Moor – Flowtation (Original Mix)
Carte Blanche – Veracocha (Original Mix)
Tony De Vit – The Dawn
X Cabs – Neuro

Last Of London

Last Of London Mix Tape Sleeve

This is the last in a series of three ninety-minute mix tapes that were created to accompany Scott Hill’s aspirational but fictional London night Lounge. Inspired by London nights reacting against House music such as Popstarz and Low Rider, and label Mo Wax, Scott put the cart before the horse and created mix tapes to promote the style of the regular club night he would have liked to put on, Lounge.

Scott Da Housewife in the mix.
Produced and mixed by the artist formerly known as Scott Hill
London E9
August 1999

Last of London Side 1
Last Of London Side 2

Side 1 Track List

The Gentle People – Groovin With You (Intergalactic Harbour Mix)
Les Baxter – Tropicando
A Forest Mighty Black – Rebirth
Clubbed To Death – Clubbed To Death (La Funk Mob Variation)
Mono – Madhouse
DJ Krush – Bypath 2
La Funk Mob – Motor Bass Get Phunked Up
Fun-Da-Mental – Mother Africa Feeding Sister India (Thievery Corporation Remix)
The 13th Sign – Rainbow
DJ Cam – Success (Thievery Corporation Remix)

Side 2 Track List

Donna Dee – Lonely
Presence – Matter Of Fact
Mutiny – Bliss
Jackson And His Computerband – Make It Happen
La Funk Mob – La Doctoresse
Jazzanova – Fedime’s Flight
DJ Krush – Bypath Would You Take It?
Sharkey – Forever Flying
Jacknife Lee – Cookies


Queer Mix Tape Sleeve

The last annual hard mix tape to be produced by Scott Hill, this one is fun throughout.

Produced and mixed by Scott Hill, 27th February 1999, in London E9

Queer Side 1
Queer Side 2

Track list not available.

Three Four

Three Four Mix Tape Sleeve

Ninety minutes of hard, banging, stripped down Techno for the purists. Fear not, light relief is provided at the set peaks by some top choons that are not to be missed. The best of Bilbaon Techno can be found in this mix tape, accompanied by Scott’s firm favourites Mrs Wood and Baby Doc.

Mixed by daHousewife 9th December 1997 in London E9

Three Four Side 1
Three Four Side 2

Side 1 Track List

Pablo Gargano – Blow Your Mind
PG2 – HeyHeeey (EJ Doubell Mix)
EJ Doubell – The Ninth Insight
JX – Nothing I Won’t Do (Carl Cox Underground House Mix)
Sonic Animation – Magnitude 7
Madam Dubois – Ignition, Road Rage MKI, Ascent, Road Rage MKII
Mrs Wood – Heartbreak (Whitewood Mix)
Mega’ Lo Mania – Circulation

Side 2 Track List

Commander Tom – Eye C Red (De Luxe Mix)
Frank Trax – Alchemy (Commander Tom Mix)
Commander Tom – Hard Kiss, Are Am Eye (Brainstorm Cut)
Microworld – Booby Trap (Commander Tom Remix)
Non Eric – Piranhas (Evolutionary RMX)
Spinning Atoms 3 – Bubble Memory
Transverse – I Am House (Jon The Dentist Mix)
Hyperspace – Mantra (Baby Doc & The Dentist 95 Remix)
Jones & Stephenson – The First Rebirth (Baby Doc & The Dentist Remix)

Clerkenwell Screws

Clerkenwell Screws Mix Tape Sleeve

The second in the series of mix tapes inspired by London club night Warriors.

Produced by GHi
Buyer: Martin Pryce-Gill.
Engineered by Scott Hill 24th June 1997 at London E9

Clerkenwell Screws Side 1
Clerkenwell Screws Side 2
Clerkenwell Screws Postlude

Side 1 Track List

DJ Quicksilver – Belissima
DJ Quicksilver – Hole In One (Lelewell Action Mix)
Natural Born Grooves – Groovebird (Baby Blue Mix)
Pet Shop Boys – Single Bilingual (Baby Doc Original Mix)
DJ Randy – Digital Mass
De Donatis III – The Sound
DJ Randy – Overmodulate
The Scot Project – U (I Got A Feeling) (Frank Zenker Mix)
EC1 & Chocci – Dodgy Dave
Fantasia – Get To The Back (De Gert Remix)

Side 2 Track List

Powersource – Housekeeper (Dirty House Mix)
Shimmon & Wolfson – Evil Queen (Full Force Mix)
Jens – Loops N’ Tings (Choccis Mix)
Pablo Gargano – Headlines
D.R Base – Original Oyster
Chris C & M-Zone – Pentium
Kaptain & Karim – I Love You
Jon The Dentist – Quattro
Pablo Gargano – The Stranger (David Craig Remix)
EC1 & Chocci – Give It To Me


W Mix Tape Sleeve

A ninety minute mix tape of melodic Techno and hoovers. This mix tape was the first in a series inspired by London club night Warriors, one of the legendary club nights based at Turnmills in Clerkenwell. Warriors briefly filled a Sunday night gap left by the closure of FF and was eventually replaced by Melt.

Produced by Martin Gill and engineered by Scott Hill, 8th January 1997 at London E9 for GHi

W Side 1
W Side 2

Track list not available.

Ju’ Tch’

Ju’ Tch Mix Tape Sleeve

This mix tapes is one of Scott Hill’s earliest ventures away from Techno and back to House music (the title says it all), but evidently is still influenced by harder beats and in particular by the sound of legendary London club night Trade.

Scott Hill 8th August 1996, London E2

Ju’ Tch’ Side 1
Ju’ Tch’ Side 2

Track list not available.


HRD1 Mix Tape Sleeve

This mix tape is a rare find. The version here is a third-generation copy as the original was given as a gift to two friends who were fans of harder and darker sounds. This is one of Scott Hill’s earliest hard mixes. It’s wobbly and even scary in places, but full of character, and you can feel London’s Cheshire Street and Brick Lane buzzing outside in the mid-day heat.

Recorded by Selina Da Housewife live in Shoreditch 6th May 1996

HRD1 Side 1
HRD1 Side 2

Track list not available.

Scottsburg Productions Series X, No. 1

X1 Mix Tape Sleeve

Scottsburg Productions was the umbrella for Scott’s creative output during the late 80s and very early 90s, before the establishment of domesticbliss. The brand started with at-home radio station Radio Scottsburg. Mix tapes were released as Scottsburg Productions; videos as Scottsburg Hall. The plans for a radio station broadcast over Citizens’ Band and called RSCB never came to fruition.

This ninety minute mix tape was the rave-themed first in a planned series of megamixes to be titled X. The influence of PWL and The Smiths can be felt in the credits.

Digitally sequenced by Scott Hill 24th-26th April 1992 at Scottsburg Productions Cardiff.
Executive Producer: Bobby Bristol.
Engineered by Selina Weldon on HiFi VHS
Sleeve control and artwork by Scott Hill.

X1 Side 1
X1 Side 2

Side 1 Track List

Pet Shop Boys – Music for boys part 3
Cicero – Splatt (Extended Mix)
Army Of Lovers – Crucified (Crucifixion Hardcore ’92 Mix)
Malcolm McLaren Feat. Alison Limerick – Magic’s Back (House Mix)
Cappella – Take Me Away (Techno Mix)
2 Unlimited – Twilight Zone (Rave Version)
2 Unlimited – The Workaholic (Extended Mix)
Kylie Minogue – Closer (The Pleasure Mix)

Side 2 Track List

Visionmasters & Tony King (feat. Kylie Minogue) – Keep On Pumpin’ It (Astral Flight Mix)
2 Unlimited – Get Ready For This (’92 Remix / 7″ Edit)
Visionmasters & Tony King (feat. Kylie Minogue) – Keep On Pumpin’ It (Angelic Remix)
Kylie Minogue – I Guess I Like It Like That
Kylie Minogue – Do You Dare (New Rave Mix)
Praga Khan – Free Your Body
Praga Khan – Injected With A Poison (Adam’s Power Mix)
K-Klass – So Right (Pearl Mix)
New Atlantic – I Know (Love Decade Remix)
Pet Shop Boys – Music for boys part 1