Safe Sex

she’s dead,
dead good
in bed,
on her head;
in the air;
thru’ the hair,
envy her there.
find me often
dancing in her
wearing in her
bright new pair
of shoes.

Best Before End Of

I’ve this spinning top inside me
Spinning far too fast.
It sparks in all directions,
Each spark hits home a truth,
I can no longer handle,
And bearance is a memory.
Blinkered, blind and bottled,
Where is tomorrow when
There’s nothing inbetween,
No understanding, no wanting.
Too much is wrong but
My resistance is gone.
A breeding ground for more
Of less, self denying, self consuming.

Don’t Waste It On A Lover

your precious love –
take it out on friends and others.
reclaim what you wasted
and reapply
to friends and significant others.
there is no other.
no matter what guise,
under the influence
of fluid or gin,
no other like mother.
don’t waste it
on a lover.